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The region around Lake Constance is known for its mild and beneficial climate. This benefits the fruit, hops, vegetable and wine growing and produces regional products of the highest quality.

The border triangle Germany-Austria-Switzerland offers visitors a great variety of destinations for excursions, sports and leisure activities. The promenades on the banks of Lake Constance, which invite visitors to stroll, the wonderful landscapes that can be explored via the numerous bicycle and hiking tracks, the delicious food and the warm hospitality, have an inviting and relaxing effect on body and soul.

Exciting destinations such as the Dornier Museum or the Ravensburger Spieleland are just a few minutes’ drive from the hotel.

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PSG Friedrichshafen e.V.

Alongside sailing and swimming, windsurfing is one of the most popular sports on Lake Constance. In the surf school of PSG Friedrichshafen e.V. interested surf students can take a course and learn how to surf together in small groups.

In addition to surfing lessons, small festivals, meetings and flea markets are organized for all friends of the sport. Courses for stand-up paddlers are meanwhile also on offer.


Meersburg is around 25 km from our hotel in Meckenbeuren and is known as one of the most beautiful historical cities on Lake Constance. It is known for its wonderful old town and the stately fortifications. The city’s landmark, the imposing Meersburg, rises above the so-called lower town and is one of the most famous motifs on the shores of Lake Constance.

Stroll along the lake promenade and visit the terrace of the new castle to enjoy the view over the lake to the alpine panorama. Finally, stop in one of the many cafés or restaurants on the market square.


The pile dwellings open-air museum is located in Uhldingen-Mühlhofen on the eastern shore of Lake Constance, approx. 30 km from the Hotel Löwen. The open-air museum created here is a reconstruction of stone and bronze age stake villages, based on numerous archaeological findings from excavations in the area.

The museum resembles a kind of adventure park and consists of different villages which represent different epochs. The pile dwellings are accessible and connected by walkways.


The Ravensburger Spieleland is only 4 km away from us and is a very special theme amusement park. With over 70 attractions, which mainly relate to the world-famous Ravensburger Games, the Spieleland is an entertaining pleasure for the whole family!

The amusement park consists of 8 exciting theme worlds, such as the new area BRIO World, the Green Oasis, the Join-in-Land or Captain Bluebear’s Wonderland. Fun for the whole family is guaranteed.

The Ravensburger Spieleland is about 5 minutes from our hotel.
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The first Barbary macaques have been settled on Affenberg Salem in the 1970s.
The approximately 200 individuals live today in 3 groups on the wooded area and show a very natural behavior. In addition to its function as an excursion destination, the Affenberg is therefore also an excellent research location.

The Barbary macaques which originally come from high altitude regions in North Africa have adapted well to the warm Lake Constance climate. The animals are peaceful and seek contact with visitors. Especially if they have some popcorn as snack for the monkeys with them.


At the Sealife in Constance, visitors can see over 3500 fresh and saltwater fish. The
aquariums are arranged in a large underwater world and visitors can watch the animals from all directions.

In addition to the fish and other marine life, other exotic species such as gentoo penguins from the Antarctic are particularly popular with young and old.


As a trade fair location, our neighboring city Friedrichshafen is home to many national and international trade fairs. Exhibitions for water sports, such as the InterBoot boat show or the InterDive diving fair, are part of the program, just as the Eurobike bicycle fair and the Aero aviation show are.

Friedrichshafen is only 4 km away from Hotel Löwen and the exhibition grounds can be reached in 10 minutes by car with regular traffic (east entrance to the exhibition center.


On the route leading to Santiago de Compostela one stop for pilgrims that are following the Way of St. James is the St. Jakobus Church in Brochenzell. The church with a statue of St. James has stood in our neighboring district for centuries.

A special feature of the pilgrimage route in Meckenbeuren: the Way of St. James splits here. The pilgrimage can then be continued by land in the direction of Constance, or by crossing the lake to Romanshorn in Switzerland.

Hotel Löwen is a designated pilgrim hotel and looks forward to welcoming you for a stop on your journey to Santiago de Compostela.